What face photo makes the best t-shirt?

What face photo makes the best t-shirt?

Here at FACEswag, we're often asked what's the best photo to upload for a custom tee. It's a great question, and in this post, we go into all the detail!

As we mention in our Photo Upload Guide, the most important thing to consider is that your photo clearly displays the subject's (whether human, cat or dog) face and neck/shoulders are clearly featured within the frame. This means selfies and camera-phone shots are perfectly fine, so long as the subject has been snapped clearly!

Here's a great human photo.

And here's a perfect pet shot.

Our designers can work some serious magic, however, to do so, they must be able to see the face in question! This means bright, non-blurry image uploads. Daytime or full-flash shots are perfect. 

Because our artwork options are graphical representations, image resolution is less important than photo detail.

If your photo ticks all the boxes, simply upload it when purchasing your particular FACEswag product. We want you to get a great result, so if your uploaded image doesn't meet our requirements, we'll contact you to arrange a better photo. If you don't have one and your order doesn't go into production, Customer Service will arrange a full refund.

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