Face socks are coming to Australia!

Face socks are coming to Australia!

We love to keep the new products rolling in here at FACEswag, so we're wrapped to share our next line.

Although we love printing custom face art on tees, we're super excited to extend this to -- wait for it -- socks!

That's right, due to popular demand, face socks are coming to Australia!

We're currently designing a range of socks, which you'll soon be able to select from, before having your face plastered in all its glory across the ankles.

Whether it's your BFF, that special someone, or grandma Doreen, face socks are a perfect gift idea.

A pair of face socks offer the best of both worlds with 9-to-5 coverage before you kick off those heals and flaunt your favourite face in full glory!

From birthdays and and anniversaries, to Christmas presents and farewells, face socks are great for any occasion.

Our unique printing process uses the latest in dye sublimation technology, to ensure maximum face print durability. 

So how do you get your hot little hands on these bad boys? Stay tuned to the FACEswag mailing list for updates, and be the first to know when we release the collection!

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