Personalised Hooded Blankets! Australia’s PET FACE Snug Hoodie

Personalised Hooded Blankets! Australia’s PET FACE Snug Hoodie

Personalised Hooded Blankets! Australia’s PET FACE Snug Hoodie


The nation (and world) has gone mad for hooded blankets! From OG original, the Snuggie, to Australia’s new wearable blanket fave, The Oodie, there’s no shortage of seriously oversized hoodies. It’s certainly one positive to come out of the Covid-19 pandemic as we spend more time on the couch!

So what’s better than a hooded blanket to snuggle in front of the TV this winter? A hooded blanket with your favourite face on it! We’ve had a look at Aussie brand FACEswag’s new fully-personalised face snug-wear – just in time for winter.


Face Snug Hoodie (available online at


Are you a dog mum or a crazy cat lady?

Whatever your pet preference, you can now put any face of your choosing (dogs, cats and even humans are eligible) on your own made-to-order ‘Snug Hoodie’!

Similar to FACEswag’s fleece blanket, the wearable hoodie features 100% custom artwork. Simply pick from one of the many background options available, which include coloured backgrounds, food patterns (to compliment some of the over-eating that we know is all to familiar throughout lockdown) or landscapes (to mention just a few).

Next, the site asks you to upload a photo featuring a close-up shot of the face of your choosing. recommends choosing a front-on snap, with head and shoulders taking up the frame.

The piece’s super soft microfiber fleece lining will ensure some seriously comfortable Netflix sessions, while the hooded blanket is finished in luxe micro-mink.

The fully personalised wearable is made on demand. Your artwork is designed before it is printed cut and sewn on each individual panel to ensure a quality result. We’re sure you’ll be pleased!

Check out the Snug Hoodie hooded blanket here


Face Fleece Blanket (available online at


Looking for some more versatile snug-wear, or a complimentary piece to your wearable hoodie/ FACEswag’s fleece blanket offers all the same features of the Snug Hoodie in classic blanket form.

Available in three sizes – medium, large and extra large, this item allows you to show of your favourite face in its enlarged glory. The extra-large edition is over 1.5 x 2m!

Like the Snug Hoodie, an expansive range of backgrounds are available to choose from. Choose from groovy-looking abstracts or a more a muted pastel colour palate. features a range of other custom merchandise, clothing, mobile phone covers and accessories.

Check out the Face Fleece Blanket here.


Classic Face Hoodies (available online at

Wearable blankets aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. For those that like their snug-wear a little tighter, choose from classic hoodie range. Both Adult and Kids fits are available. 

Like its blanket-hybrid cousin, FACEswag’s classic hoodie is produced using dye-sublimation, ensuring your one-of-a-kind design lasts for years to come. The artwork transfer technology embeds the vibrant colours into the fabric itself, so there’s no risk of fading.

Check out’s Classic Adult and Kids Hoodies.


Embroidery Jumper (available online at

The recent launch of’s embroidery range ensures that there’s something for everyone on the site.

Just like the wearable blanket and hoodie, simply upload a face and FACEswag does the rest. Full photo embroidery digitisation is included in the cost of the product, leaving you with a timeless piece for those who’d like to sport their favourite face in a more understated way. All embroidery products, including FACEswag’s t-shirt range, are stitched in Australia onto premium cotton materials.

Check out the embroidery range here.


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