We want you to be wrapped with your FACEswag, so there are a few things to consider before uploading a photo. Refer to the examples on this page for inspiration. 

Subject Position (Dog, Cat or Human)

Be sure to choose a photo shot at eye-level, with the head and shoulders taking up the majority of the frame (our digital artwork includes the head plus neck/shoulders). Do not upload a photo with multiple people. Head-to-toe full body shots are not acceptable as they generally don't capture an appropriate level of facial detail.

If you've chosen a Cat or Dog style, your photo may include your pet's body. Sitting poses looking directly at the camera get the best results. However, like all of our designs, your artwork will include only include the head/neck.

Image Resolution & File Size

Because our designs involve custom digital artwork, a medium resolution is adequate for great results (smartphone photos are totally acceptable). Please ensure, however, that the image is clear with strong facial detail.